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 The same content in Microsoft HTML help file format is included in the download package.
EO.Web Slide Menu Documentation

EO.Web SlideMenu offers Microsoft Windows XP/Outlook style slide menu. SlideMenu inherits all EO.Web Menu key features, including look, skin & theme, effects, data binding, cross frame, complete client side interface, etc.

Note: EO.Web SlideMenu class inherits from Menu class.


Using EO.Web SlideMenu

Same Architecture & Concept As EO.Web Menu: SlideMenu items & Groups, Styles & Appearance, Look, Skin & Theme, Data Binding,Handling Event, Cross Frame

SlideMenu Differences: Using SlideMenu

Quick Start Guide: Creating a SlideMenu

Tutorials & HOW-TOs: Phathalo_Green Sample, WindowsXP_Blue


Server Side Classes: SlideMenu, MenuItem, MenuGroup

Client Side Objects: Navigator, MenuItem which inherits from NavigationItem and NavigationItemGroup

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