Using Google Services


A number of features supported by the Chromium browser engine, which are also supported by EO.WebBrowser, relies on certain Google API to function. For example, speech recognition relies on Google's Speech API. To use these features, you must acquire your Google API keys first. For more information on how to acquire Google API key, please visit:

After you have acquired your API key, you can apply it by setting EO.WebEngine.EngineOptions.GoogleAPIKey property.

Client ID and Client Secrets

Some services use OAuth2 authentication. To use those services, you must create an OAuth2 client ID and client secret. You can also acquire these values from Google Developer Console. After you have acquired these values, you can apply them through these two properties:

The following code demonstrates how to apply these values to the default engine:

//Set Google API Key information
EO.WebEngine.Default.Options.GoogleAPIKey = "your_google_api_key";
EO.WebEngine.Default.Options.GoogleClientID = "your_google_client_id";
EO.WebEngine.Default.Options.GoogleClientSecret = "your_google_client_secret";

See here for more information on setting engine options.