HTML5 Support

Because EO.WebBrowser is based on Google Chrome's source code, so it supports most HTML 5 features just like Google Chrome browser. To verify which features are supported, visit the following Web site using the TabbedBrowser sample app:

Proprietary Video/Audio Codecs

Google Chrome's source code includes codecs to decode a wide variety of video and audio formats, while most of them are open standards, some of them are considered proprietary because they are still covered by a number of patents. Particularly, MP4 video (those use H.264/MPEG-4 AVC) and MP3 audio are considered proprietary formats. To find exactly which formats/codecs are considered proprietary, please visit the following C++ source code used by Google Chrome:			

These codecs also exist in EO.WebBrowser. If you wish to use them, we recommend you consult experts/lawyers to ensure that you are in compliance with their license term and you are properly licensed. Depending on your specific scenario, you may or may not need explicit permission from their respectively owners. For example, MP4 related licenses are administered by MPEG LA, which states that if the total "unit sold" is less than 100,000, then no license fee is required. You can find a summary of of the AVC Patent Portfolio License here:	

Once you are sure that you are in compliance with the license term set forth by their specific owners, you can enable proprietary formats support on EO.WebBrowser by calling EO.WebEngine.EngineOptions.AllowProprietaryMediaFormats.

//Enable proprietary media formats support